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Although in this very yearbook, he had not written his name, "Hazim Kantarci" (a student in the "Banner 1957-1958" which we have listed along with this one who was then in "Prep. class", which is the preparatory class before the 6th grade) this one is possibly his yearbook, too. This time is among the 6 graders.
The renowned Turkish actor Ahmet Levendoglu is also seen as one of the students who took part in this yearbook, as well.

Talas American College (Talas Amerikan Koleji or Talas Amerikan Ortaokulu in Turkish) was a secondary school for boys, located in Talas, Kayseri in Turkey / Turkiye

The college was established in 1871 by US missionary James L. Fowle, and was turned to a secondary boarding school by Henry K. Wingate in 1889. With the completion of a much larger building in 1906, the college consisted of two schools, one for boys and the other for girls in two separate buildings.

After serving the region in education 86 years long and graduating notable alumni, the college was closed down in 1968. The boys' school building is being used by the provincial youth and sports authority since 1976. The building of girls' school, which was used as a hospital in 1911, was left to Erciyes University in 1978.

90 pages. (195 x 275mm).


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