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Map of a part of Tartary, towards the south-west and of Russia or of the Countries known for the invasions of Genghis-Kan.By M. Brion de la Tour, Engineer-Geographer to the King (of France?).


The map (40 x 27,5cm from edge to edge and 34 x 23,5cm on the inside frame) was taken out of a 1800s book which we could not name at the time of this listing. It is folded in 8 to fit inside the book.

Tartary historically referred to a vast and vaguely defined region in northern and central Asia. It was a term used in Western Europe in the Middle Ages and into the early modern period. The exact boundaries of Tartary varied over time, and it was often used to describe the lands of the Mongols and other Central Asian nomadic peoples.

Tartary encompassed parts of what are now Russia, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and other neighboring countries. It was a term that reflected the limited knowledge that Europeans had about the vast expanse of Asia at the time.

Please keep in mind that the concept of Tartary is largely historical and is not a term commonly used in modern geography. The modern nations and borders in the regions once referred to as Tartary have changed significantly over time.

Also, Tartary is not a commonly used term in modern times. It is considered an outdated and historical term. The concept of Tartary as a vast, vaguely defined region in Asia is no longer a part of contemporary geography or international discourse.


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